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Academic & Student Affairs/Student Employee (Hourly and Work-Study)
Academic Advising/Student Staff Assistant (Work-Study only)
Accounting Services/AP Student Worker (Either Work-study or Hourly)
Advanced Manufacturing Sciences Institute - Student Specialist (Work-study)
Africana Studies - Student Worker (Work Study Only)
Alumni Relations - Reach-a-Roadrunner Student Caller
Applied Learning Center - Front Desk Student Staff Member (Either Work-study or Hourly)
Art/Art Studio Assistants (Work-Study only)
Art/Sculpture Studio Monitor (Work-Study only)
Auraria Early Learning Center/Early Childhood Qualified Teachers (ECT's) (Federal Work-Study only)
Auraria Early Learning Center/Teacher Aides (Federal Work-Study only)
Auraria Early Learning Center/Teacher Aides (Federal Work-Study only)
Auraria Media Center/Student Technician (Federal Work-Study only)
Aviation & Aerospace Science - Front Office Assistant (Work-study or Student Hourly)
Aviation & Aerospace Science - WIA Laboratories Lab Specialist (Work-study)
Aviation & Aerospace Science - World Indoor Airport (WIA) Laboratories/Lab Specialist (Work-Study only)
Bursar's Office/Customer Service Rep (Work-Study)
CCD Career and Transfer Center - Career and Transfer Peer Professional (Federal Work-study Only)
CESA, Immigrant Services Program/Peer Mentor (Hourly and Work-Study)
CHS Journey Through Our Heritage - Media and Special Events Assistant (Work-Study only)
CHS Journey Through Our Heritage -Web Site Development - Office Assistant (Work-Study only)
CHS Journey Through Our Heritage/Youth Mentor and Community Activist (Work-Study only)
CLAS Family Literacy - Early Literacy Teacher (Work-Study)
CLAS Family Literacy/Early Literacy Teacher Assistant (Work-Study only)
CPS Advising/Student Employee (Work-Study only)
Campus Recreation at Auraria/Fitness Center Attendant (Hourly and Work-Study)
Campus Recreation at Auraria/Group Fitness Instructor (Hourly and Work-Study)
Campus Recreation/Gymnasium Supervisor (Hourly and Work-Study)
Campus Recreation/Personal Trainer (Hourly and Work-Study)
Career Services/Career Peer Advisor (Hourly and Work-Study)
Career Services/Employer Relations Administrative Assistant (Hourly and Work-Study)
Career Services/Graphic Designer (Hourly and Work-Study)
Career and Transfer Center - Community College of Denver/Office Assistant (Work-Study only)
Career and Transfer Center - Community College of Denver/Peer Professional (Federal Work-Study only)
Cashiering/Customer Service Representative and Cashier (Work-Study only)
Center for Advanced STEM Education - Assistant for Advance Placement Summer Institute (Work-study)
Center for Advanced STEM Education - Camp Counselor SSI (Work-study)
Center for Advanced STEM Education - Peer Biology Tutor (Student Hourly)
Center for Advanced STEM Education - Peer Chemistry Tutor (Student Hourly)
Center for Advanced STEM Education - Peer Math Tutor (Student Hourly)
Center for Advanced STEM Education - Peer Physics Tutor (Student Hourly)
Center for Advanced STEM Education - Summer Science Scholars Counselor (Work-study)
Center for Advanced STEM Education/Part-Time Camp Counselor SSI (Hourly or Work-Study)
Center for Advanced Visualization and Experiential Analysis (CAVEA)/Student Ambassador (Hourly and Work-Study)
Center for Visual Art/Gallery Assistant & Graphic Designer (Hourly and Work-Study)
Center for Visual Art/Gallery Attendant (Hourly and Work-Study)
College of Business - Office of the Dean/Student Assistant (Work-Study only)
College of Business/Graphic Designer (Hourly and Work-Study)
College of Letters, Arts and Sciences Dean's Office - Student Assistant/Receptionist (Work-study)
Community College of Denver- Office Assistant/Proctor 1 (Federal Work-study)
Computer Information Systems and Business Analtyics - Student Office Assistant for CIS Advisor/Coordinator (Work-study)
Department of Biomedical Research, National Jewish Health/Student Lab Research Assistant (FEDERAL work-study only)
Department of Economics/Department of Management (Advising) - [Work-study]
Department of Modern Languages/Program Assistant (Work-Study only)
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences/Student Administrative Assistant (Work-Study only)
Enrollment Services Call Center/Call Center Specialist (Work-Study only)
Enrollment Services/Call Center - Admissions Specialist (Work-study)
First Year Success/Campus Outreach Ambassador (Hourly and Work-Study)
HTE - Beverage Lab Assistant (Work-study)
Health Center at Auraria/Customer Service Representative for Insurance and Immunization Office (Hourly and Work-Study)
Health Center at Auraria/Graphic Designer and Marketing Coordinator (Hourly and Work-Study)
Health Center at Auraria/Health Education Outreach (Hourly and Work-Study)
Health Center at Auraria/Mind Body Fitness Attendant (Hourly and Work-Study)
Health Professions/Student Assistant (Work-Study only)
History/Student Employee (Work-Study only)
Honors Program, Student Employee (Work-study)
Hospitality Tourism and Events/Culinary Lab Assistant (Work-Study only)
Hospitality, Tourism & Events/Student Administrative Assistant (Work-Study only)
Human Performance and Sport/Office Assistant (Work-Study only)
Human Resources/Student Representative (Work-Study only)
Human Resources: Professional Development Student Rep. (Work-study)
Industrial Design/Office Assistant (Work-Study only)
Information Technology Services/Helpdesk-Desktop Support (Hourly and Work-Study)
Journalism & Technical Communication - Media Creator (Work-study)
Journalism & Technical Communications- Lab Tech (Work-study)
Journalism and Technical Communication- Office Assistant (Work-study)
King Center/Box Office Cashier (Federal Work-Study only)
King Center/Stagehand (Federal Work-Study only)
Legislative Council Staff Visitor Services Section/Capitol Guide (Federal Work-Study only)
MSU Denver South Campus/Student Office Assistant-Site Monitor (Hourly or Work-Study)
Marketing & Communications - Student Web Production Assistant (Either Work-study or Hourly)
Marketing and Communications/Marketing & Communications Office Assistant (Work-Study only)
Mathematical and Computer Sciences Tutor (Either Hourly or Work-study)
Mathematical and Computer Sciences/Office Assistant (Work-Study only)
New Student Orientation - Orientation Leaders (Either Work-study or Hourly)
Office of Admissions/Student Employee - 3 options (Hourly and Work-Study)
Office of Career Services/Student Administrative Assistant
Office of Diversity and Inclusion - Diversity Projects Assistant (Work Study)
Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships/Student Eligibility and Debt Management Assistant (Work-Study only)
Office of International Studies/Office Assistant (Work-Study only)
Office of the Registrar/Customer Service Representative (Work-Study only)
Perkins Loan-Student Coordinator (Work Study Only)
Phoenix Center at Auraria/Violence Prevention Peer Educator (Work-Study only)
President's Office/Front Desk Office Assistant (Work-Study only)
School of Education - Student Office Assistant (Work-study)
School of Education - Student Services Office/Office Assistant
School of Education Technology Lab Assistant (Work-study)
Social Security Administration - Aurora, CO/Office Assistant (Federal Work-Study only)
Student Academic Success Center/Supplemental Instruction Leader (Hourly and Work-Study)
Student Activities/Customer Service (Hourly and Work-Study)
Student Activities/Element Student Director (Hourly and Work-Study)
Student Activities/Lead Event Programmer (Hourly and Work-Study)
Student Activities/Student Events Team (Hourly and Work-Study)
Student Activities/Student Organizations Coordinator (Hourly and Work-Study)
Student Life Office/Front Desk and Food Bank Coordinator Office Position (Work-Study only)
TRIO High School Upward Bound, Administrative Assistant (Work-study)
TRIO High School Upward Bound: English Tutor (Work-study)
TRIO High School Upward Bound: Math Tutor (Work-study)
TRIO High School Upward Bound: Science Tutor (Work-study)
TRIO Student Support Services/Peer Mentor/Tutor (Hourly and Work-Study)
TRIO Student Support Services/Program Assistant (Work-Study only)
TRIO Student Support Services/Program Coordinator (Work-Study only)
TRIO Student Support Services/TRIO Mentor (Work-Study only)
UCDenver/Anschutz Dept of Immunology and Microbiology Haskins' Lab/Research Assistant (Federal Work-Study only)
Writing Center - Peer Writing Advisor (Work-study)

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